Edge ML : Automated Machine Learning ... without brute force !


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Boost your Data Scientists!

Unleash the creativity of your datascientists by automating manual tasks without added value. Complete your projects in no time and benefit from methodological safeguards which purely avoid over-fitting.



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Use common hardware 

Push the limits of your own hardware, Edge ML allows you to quickly process large amounts of data. Brute force is not used to optimize the models : no cross-validation and no grid-search.



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Earn your customers' trust

Save time, and use it to understand the business and build relevant indicators. Provide robust, accurate and interpretable models to your customers. Let's be serene when your models are used in the production environment!



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Focus your efforts

Edge ML automatically provides high-quality models that meet most needs. Impossible projects are easily detected: when data is not informative enough to predict the target (fail fast).


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