Utiliser EDGE-ML pour vos projets, c'est simple !

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Download and install Edge-ML

4 installation packages available, depending on your environment (Go to the Download page !):
Edge-ML for Mac OS X - Edge-ML in Docker - Edge-ML in VM (very soon) - Edge-ML for Ubuntu. Wrapper Python for Edge-ML.

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Create a temporary license file

Once Edge-ML is installed, you simply generate a temporary license and drop it to the root of the user folder.
A small online documentation will guide you in this process.

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Evaluate Edge-ML in real conditions

The temporary license entitles you to 50 free credits which will allow you to evaluate Edge-ML in real conditions,
either on your own data sets or by reproducing the experiments we propose in the "Use cases" section.

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Choose the license mode that suits you

You decide to adopt Edge-ML for your Machine learning projects !
All you have to do is choose the license mode that best suits your context of use, among the 3 offers detailed below.


Commercial Offer

3 offers to answer your needs. Freelance Data Scientist , SMB, ENS, research laboratories, firms or institutions, just choose the offer that fits your needs.

Whatever your choice, your data is locally treated on your own computer, your data is not externalized.


You have the benefit of all the features of the Premium module. Your credits will be decremented according to your real use (data preparation,  sequential rules extraction, learning of models, exploitation of the models in real life). The first 50 credits are offered !

Buy credits


Choose the module according to your needs – STARTER (Data Preparation), MEDIUM (Modeling) or PREMIUM (Feature Engineering), and subscribe for three months renewable or 1 year.  You have unlimited use during the duration of your subscription**.

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You want to equip your team of Data Engineers or Data Scicentists with a tool which increases their efficiency at any stage of the Machine Learning projects?
The annual Corporate license provides illimited use during the duration of the subscription**.

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Assessment offer :

You wish to assess Edge-ML before aquiring a licence ? We invite you to start with the offer « Pay per Use ». The first 50 credits are offered by Edge-ML, this allows you to experiment all the features, from pre-processing of data to the production of the models.

Special offers « Teaching & Research » :

Studiants, professors and university researchers have a free use of Edgle-ML algorithms. Subscribe the offer « Pay per use » with the first free 50 credits. This credits package will be renewed for free under  conditions .

*    The « pay per use » mode requires a internet connexion, only used for managing the credits.
**  The use of the models requires a valid licence.